Impact Grants

As a faith based ministry providing an array of services for older adults, it is important that we truly be present in the three synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America that we serve.  There are many seniors aging in place in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and the District of Columbia who are facing critical needs but for whom, for a variety of reasons, our communities and services may not be available.

2019 Grants

For 2019, Impact1890 will award grants to non-profit organizations, including community based non-profit groups and faith based organizations, who are chosen to receive funding by the Impact1890 Board of Directors.  As in the past, all grant proposals must address at least one of the following areas of need as identified by a community needs assessment:

  • Social isolation
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Navigating and accessing health care and social services
  • Chronic disease management
  • Dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and memory loss

The NLCS Grant Program is not intended to provide a long-term source of funding.  All grants are awarded on an annual basis, although successful grantees may reapply in subsequent years.  Except in rare circumstances, an organization will not be eligible for more than three consecutive years of funding.  Under no circumstances will an organization receive funding for more than five consecutive years.

The Board of Directors use a number of criteria in evaluating grant proposals including, but not limited to:

  • Whether the grant submission proposes to meet at least one of the above-listed areas of need in a measurable, meaningful and substantive way
  • Whether the cost is reasonable in achieving the stated outcomes
  • Whether there is a reasonable possibility that the stated goals can be met, looking at such factors as sufficient infrastructure, expertise, staffing (including volunteers) and planning
  • Whether the awards are geographically diverse so that as many areas as possible of the National Lutheran territory are represented
  • Whether there is a variety of types of programs so that no one type of program is overrepresented
  • Whether the proposal focuses on those who are the most in need
  • Whether the organization has plans in place to secure on-going funding for the project should it be successful in receiving an Impact1890 grant

Grant proposals for the 2019 grant year will be accepted beginning June 1, 2018 and must be submitted on or before 5 p.m. EDT August 15, 2018, to be considered.  The link to the online proposal form and required attachments will be posted on June 1, 2018. Proposals submitted in any other manner will NOT be considered.

All applicants will be notified on or about November 15, 2018, as to whether their proposal will be funded and, if so, the amount of the grant.  However, successful applicants must also agree to the provisions of the grant award letter and the standard terms and conditions.

Organizations awarded a grant of $5,000 or less will receive the full amount of the grant in early January 2019.  Grants in excess of that amount will be paid in two equal installments, the first in January 2019 and the second installment upon receipt of a mid-year progress report.  All grant recipients will be expected to complete a final report by mid-February 2020; any funds remaining must be repaid to Impact1890 unless an extension is granted.

2018 grant recipients

For 2018 grant recipients receiving an award of more than $5,000, information regarding the mid-year report will be sent to you in late May or early June.  The second portion of your grant will be sent to you following review of the mid-year report.  For all 2018 grant recipients, the End of the Year Report is due in February 2019.

All reports and requested information will be submitted through the same portal through which you submitted your proposal. You can access the portal by clicking here.


Questions should be directed to or 301-354-2703 and ask for Impact1890.

Grant Management Software provided by WizeHive

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