The National Lutheran Philosophy of Care.

Safer homes, richer lives, new ideas for better retirement living.

At National Lutheran Communities & Services, we believe that everyone should achieve his or her full potential at any age, and at our communities and through our services, we provide the resources and inspiration to do it. Our approach honors peoples’ independence in retirement, encourages them to achieve their individual goals, and ensure their homes feature the latest advancements in safety and comfort.

ConnectedLiving program: Age and even physical condition does not have to limit creativity, curiosity or the ability to grow more physically fit. We support personal empowerment through a holistic approach to care that nurtures physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being. Visit our communities and you’ll see this belief in action. People who never picked up a paintbrush or explored woodworking are creating beautiful works of art. Pursuing new passions and discovering new friends and hobbies is what retirement is all about. Even the most introverted residents discover a sense of camaraderie among friends and neighbors that nourishes the spirit.

New safety technologies: All National Lutheran communities deploy technology that is installed in each residence allowing seniors to live independently, longer. This passive monitoring system silently tracks wellness indicators and automatically notifies family and care providers when potential issues are detected. It’s just one of many ways that our communities harness technology to assist with health and safety.

Home & Community Based Services (HCBS): Our retirement communities offer an array of Home & Community Based Services (HCBS), some of which are delivered to residents in the comfort of their cottage or apartment. The HCBS program also provides housekeeping, meals and transportation. This approach encourages the independence and privacy. Additionally, myPotential at Home allows National Lutheran Communities & Services to deliver home care services to seniors who wish to remain in their home and age in place.

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