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Last Updated January 13, 2020 

To read the memo distributed to residents on December 7, click here

To review the information shared at the Resident Town Hall on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, click here.

What inspires NLCS to get involved with Augsburg?

Our shared Lutheran identity and mission of serving older adults. We believe that this affiliation will be successful because of our shared heritage and mission – we are both ministries founded by women, inspired by their Christian call to serve others. Our shared Lutheran identity continues to calls us to be faithful financial stewards and agents of God’s abundant grace and emboldens us to extend our mission to a greater number of older adults throughout the Mid-Atlantic area.

Additionally, affiliating with Augsburg provides an opportunity for our teams to become more efficient by sharing knowledge and resources to more people.

What are the positive changes that are going to come as a result of this affiliation and what resources will you bring to Augsburg?

NLCS and Augsburg will both become larger organizations, which means access to stronger support services such as, education for team members and a robust corporate compliance program; increased breadth of expertise; access to additional benefits and resources; a more competitive edge in the industry; and career ladders and growth opportunities for team members. We believe these items will contribute to enhanced services for residents.

NLCS also looks forward to continuing the conversation with residents and families to learn about the other enhancements that you would like to see.

Can you provide an organization chart that explains the changes that will happen?

Click here to see the information shared during the October 2 Resident Town Hall Meeting, pages 19 – 21 have the organization chart for NLCS and Augsburg. 

What is NLCS’ relationship with the Lutheran Church?

National Lutheran Communities & Services (NLCS) is firmly committed to our Lutheran identity that continues to be the foundation from which our organization operates. NLCS is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s (ELCA) Delaware-Maryland, Metropolitan Washington, D.C. and Virginia Synods, serving people of all beliefs.

The NLCS Board is comprised of individuals from each synod as well as non-Lutherans. Lutheran chaplains, hired by the National Lutheran Community and called by the synod, serve residents of all beliefs at each National Lutheran Community. Learn more about our history of Mission and Ministry here.

What changes does NLCS anticipate in the Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living area?

On a contractual basis, you will not see any changes. The provider, Augsburg Lutheran Home of Maryland, Inc., is the entity in which you entered into an agreement and that provider will remain the same; therefore, the Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing services agreed upon in the resident contract will not be changed through this affiliation.

On occasion, you may see NLCS team members supporting the Augsburg team members in education, compliance, billing, etc.

What will happen with insurance and Medicaid?

As the provider of services agreed upon in the resident contract, Augsburg Lutheran Home of Maryland, Inc., will remain the same. Therefore, Augsburg will continue to file insurance for covered services, including Medicare and Medicaid, as normal.

Who can residents and families contact to suggest changes for needed improvements?

You will continue to connect with Augsburg’s Executive Director and Administrator for community specific questions or concerns. If you have questions or comments for NLCS please contact us by email at or call us at 240-686-6000.

Will this affiliation impact staffing ratios?

NLCS employs acuity-based staffing to determine the appropriate number of team members needed to provide excellent care to all residents.

What type of memory support services does NLCS provide?

As it relates to memory care programming, NLCS educates our team members on Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care philosophy and encourages care partners to:

  • Respond to a person’s change in cognition and abilities in a way that is not hurtful or offensive.
  • Understand that, with practice, common reactions to the person living with dementia can become thoughtful responses that improve quality of life for everyone involved.
  • Recognize that the person with dementia is doing the best they can and if something isn’t working, it’s the responsibility of the Care Partner to change their approach toward the person living with dementia as well as to discover what can be done differently to address the challenging situation.
  • Be aware of the environments surrounding a person living with dementia and make changes as needed.

Are Assisted Living and Independent Living projects still going to happen?

NLCS and Augsburg Leadership agreed that these projects will be put on hold due to cost estimates that are significantly higher than anticipated. We will continue to work with the Maryland Department of Aging on the viability of both projects.

Can we see the information that was shared with the Maryland Department of Aging (DOA)?

Yes, everything that was submitted to the DOA is available for your review. Please contact the Maryland Department of Aging or NLCS with specific requests.

What level of medical support can you receive in Independent Living?

NLCS supports an “aging with choice” philosophy—supporting each resident’s choice to live as independently as possible as long as possible in their home, while remaining safe to themselves as well as others around them. Currently, there are a variety of in-home services available to residents in their independent living apartment through home care partners. In-home services are for residents who need a bit of extra help with certain tasks—from shopping to help with dressing and bathing. Additionally, residents can also receive home health services—physical and occupational therapy and skilled nursing services—in their apartments through home health care partners. A list of preferred partners is available from Tina Mino, Director of Independent Living.

There were several questions and suggestions about opportunities for operation improvement.

Our top priority is the health and safety of the residents at Augsburg. Augsburg and NLCS team members are working together to address concerns and will continue to partner with residents and family members to explore opportunities to enhance the Augsburg community. There have been a number of specific questions such as adding additional specialty health services or increasing safety in the building and parking lots. These are great topics of conversation for us to have with residents and team members in the coming months. We encourage questions and comments such as these to be shared so that we can continue to learn and evaluate the needs of the Augsburg community.


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