From Loss Comes Giving

Four years ago Rosaria and Miguel Cruz started their volunteer service with The Village at Rockville—A National Lutheran Community. In their initial interview they explained they were inspired to volunteer after they both lost their beloved mothers over a seven-month period. They wanted to be able to provide assistance and bring joy to seniors. At The Village at Rockville they have participated in many volunteer activities but have gotten the most satisfaction, and feel that they are the most valuable, in spending one-on-one time with several residents. They enjoy exchanging stories and getting to know the residents as they encourage them to talk about their pasts and what makes them happy.

Miguel, born in Norfolk, Va., retired from the Applied Physics Laboratory at John Hopkins University after 49-years as a program manager. Rosario, originally from Brazil, came to the United States in 2002 and recently gained U.S. citizenship in November, 2016. She worked with her cousin for several years running a small business but took over for a couple of years after her cousin died from breast cancer. When Miguel retired five years ago, Rosaria decided to retire as well so that they could spend more time together and to travel; pictured to the left, Miguel and Rosaria from their vacation to Maui.

They live in Beltsville, Md. with their miniature schnauzer Angel, and enjoy evenings out with a good movie and fine cuisine. Some evenings are spent at home listening to music and dining in front of the fireplace with meals prepared by the gourmet chef, Rosaria; cooking gourmet recipes is a passion of hers.

The Cruz’s normally visit The Village at Rockville on Friday afternoons. If you see them around, please take a moment to say hello.

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