Impact1890—A National Lutheran Program

Impact1890 is a grant-making program, dedicated to providing resources to support underserved older adults aging in place in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

In 2014, the NLCS Board of Trustees authorized a grant-making program to award funding to other organizations that provide services primarily to underserved older adults. In 2018, this program began formal operations as Impact1890, which is named in celebration of the year the first of our communities was founded.

Since its founding, Impact1890 has provided nearly $1 million in grants to more than 50 organizations in the regions where NLCS operates, providing a way for us to extend our mission of partnering with older adults beyond our retirement communities and health care programs.

To learn more about this service, the grant process and the next grant cycle, visit For information or to connect with us, email or call 301-354-2703.