What do we Mean by
‘Purpose Never Stops’?

Discover Lutheran retirement homes

As a faith-based not-for-profit organization, our heritage is in serving older adults through retirement communities as well as services and programs for those who choose to age in their home. We strive to provide older adults with a balance of freedom and care so they may age successfully. For more than 130 years, our mission of care and partnership has guided our operations.

In recent years, we have expanded our retirement community offerings in Virginia and Maryland, and we have added additional in-home services through myPotential at Home. Our aim is to reimagine aging so that older adults have the freedom of choice. They have access to support they need, a vibrant community where they can form relationships, and most importantly the autonomy to engage with all that life has to offer.

When we say “purpose never stops”, our guiding philosophy is that everyone, of every age, is searching for meaning in life. We are here to partner with older adults, and to inspire them to continue living life with purpose—through good health, through the connections they make, through activities that engage them every day. We want our services to empower older adults with the freedom to choose where and how they live, and by doing this we hope to transform what it means to age successfully.

This philosophy extends through all of our programs and services. As an organization, we take care to provide purpose for our team members so they find meaning in serving our residents and clients. Through Impact1890 we support the regions where we operate so that local friends and neighbors are able to live out their full potential.