Purpose never stops.

Lutheran retirement communities and services for older adults
We live in a time of possibility. From connecting virtually with loved ones anywhere in the world to revolutionary break-throughs in medical care, we can live better, longer and healthier than at any time in history. The future is here, and National Lutheran Communities & Services (NLCS) is leading the way we define and experience aging.

Using over 130 years of experience with older adults, our talented teams and our understanding of the market, at NLCS, we have a vision for transforming what it looks like to grow older and to make the most of every day. We offer holistic and innovative services to partner with today’s older adults and unleash their potential to live vibrant and enriching lives. Our name represents home, health and community, which includes much more than our highly regarded retirement communities. Through it all runs a rich and growing purpose.


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with opportunity.

When we say, “purpose never stops”, we mean we are always pushing forward and looking for new opportunities to transform the experience of aging. We inspire purpose for older adults and empower our teammates and communities — and have for more than 130 years.

Our tried and true mission is as powerful today as it was in 1890: to honor, inspire and support choice and opportunity in partnership with older adults. What started as a small cottage for older adults in Washington, D.C, has blossomed into an integrated approach to serving older adults so they can enjoy all the possibilities of aging successfully today. Partner with us to experience the purpose and passion of serving older adults.

The process of transformation starts with our teams. Everyone who works with us feels a sense of purpose and engagement. Partnering with older adults is a calling, and we want to make sure our team members are empowered to live out their potential, which in turn gives them the resources they need to do the best for those we serve.

Because we have a vision of serving older adults in many capacities, we have leveraged our deep experience to broaden our services, which currently include:

  • Retirement communities that support independent lifestyles as well as supportive care
  • In-home care services through myPotential at Home–A National Lutheran Service
  • Grantmaking within our regions
  • Outreach endeavors to support the greater communities where we operate

As we look to the future, we are guided by our mission to empower freedom and purpose among older adults — and we see nothing but possibility. We invite you to explore our organization to see how we are using our generations of service to serve generations to come.