Inspiring Hearts with Art

Art. A subjective term that can mean any number of things, to any number of people; it could bring one to tears, create laughter, or give its viewer a sense of nostalgia. It is for this reason that, regardless of the culture, art is something of intrinsic value. The Village at Rockville—A National Lutheran Community, values art no differently, and encourages residents to express themselves artistically and explore styles and medium, regardless of their age.  For the second year, The Village at Rockville hosted The Inspire Your Heart With Art show, in observance of National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day.

This year 21 senior artists, 60 years and older, displayed a variety of pieces and mediums in The Village at Rockville’s Lang Hall. Oil and watercolor paintings, quilting, needlepoint, crochet, and knitting were just some of the more than 45 pieces of art on display. One addition to the art show this year – the inclusion of a stained glass exhibit – was both exciting, and fitting; the show was housed a mere matter of feet from The Village at Rockville’s Chapel, where stained glass windows span its full length.

The show was not exclusive to the residents of The Village at Rockville; of the 21 artists, four from the surrounding Montgomery County area exhibited their artwork, and over 100 guests attended from all around the county. Three guests even purchased some of the artwork to display in their own homes.

“It was amazing to see how the different mediums could come together and flow so nicely in one show. This year we were able to feature artists from The Village at Rockville, and from beyond our community, of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.” Melissa Blackstone, volunteer coordinator at The Village at Rockville, said.

If you were unable to attend this year’s Inspire Your Heart with Art Show do not worry – there is always next year!  Keep an eye on our events calendar at for this, and other great upcoming events.



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