Pulitzer-Prize Author Russell Baker Visits The Village at Rockville

ROCKVILLE, Md. – The Village at Rockville (TVAR), A National Lutheran Community, hosted Pulitzer-Prize winning author Russell Baker on Friday, March 23, 2012 for a book signing and discussion. More than 100 residents from The Village at Rockville and greater community gathered to listen to him talk about his book Growing Up.

Growing Up, an autobiography describing Baker’s childhood living in rural Virginia was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1983. Now 86, he shared with the audience that finding the “right voice” for the book was his greatest challenge.

“It was a struggle to get the voice for Growing Up,” Baker explained. “I wrote it because I wanted to speak to my children who were then teenagers. I thought, ‘I have all the wisdom of the world at my command, but they never listen to me. Maybe I can write something that will make them see what I am talking about.’”

Baker is known for his satirical commentary, self-critical prose and winning the Pulitzer Prize twice—once for Growing Up and the other for his nationally syndicated “Observer” column for the New York Times. Baker, a noted journalist, humorist, essayist and biographer has written or edited 17 books. The sequel to his autobiography was published in 1989 called The Good Times. He was also the regular host of the PBS television series, Masterpiece Theatre from 1993-2004.

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