myPotential at Home Now Offering Speech Pathology Services in the Shenandoah Valley

myPotential at Home–A National Lutheran Service is pleased to announce the addition of speech pathology services to their offerings throughout the Shenandoah Valley including the greater Winchester and Staunton areas.

Speech pathology is a unique offering to myPotential at Home, as many home health companies do not offer this service. myPotential at Home can now offer assistance to people who have difficulty with:

• Moving their lips, mouth, and tongue after an injury or sudden difficulty
• Producing sounds/words that cause speech errors in conversation
• Stuttering
• Voice or vocal productions during conversation
• Formulating ideas or completing the thought process
• Following directions
• Answering questions
• Memory loss
• Recall of words
• Swallowing foods and/or liquids
• Social skills

Speech pathology services can assist individuals in maintaining a great quality of life. With seniors, in particular, it can aid in assisting individuals who have difficulties with memory as well as those who are challenged with maintaining appropriate eating and drinking skills.

myPotential at Home is thrilled to have the opportunity to offer even more services to seniors and their loved ones throughout the Shenandoah Valley.

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