The Legacy at North Augusta Honors Late Resident Maxine Foster

The Legacy at North Augusta—A National Lutheran Community (TLNA) recently honored talented artist and late resident Maxine Foster. Foster’s family generously donated five watercolor prints known as the Serenity Series to TLNA in appreciation for the community, the care she received and the friendships she enjoyed.

Foster began painting as a young girl, after being inspired by her father’s interest in drawing. He would read her stories and illustrate them with stick figures. She discovered her true calling for watercolor painting in Ithaca, NY while her husband was in graduate school. The countryside greatly inspired her work.

“I paint landscapes because nature has already arranged these things and there is nothing like what nature can compose,” Foster shared in a previous interview. Her technique, well-illustrated in the Serenity Series, draws the eye to her intended focal point. While many paint to a defined line or the paper’s edge, Foster typically left the edge to one’s imagination. She only used the same seven paint colors because she knew what to expect of them. The basis of her palette being ultra-marine blue and burnt umber.

Foster moved to Lexington, Va. in 1961 with her husband and four children. Rockbridge County was truly her favorite place to paint. Many of her creations feature House Mountain, downtown Lexington, scenic back roads and old barns. During her years, she offered local painting classes and was always willing to share her knowledge and talent with others.

The prints were accepted during a celebration with Foster’s family, residents and other welcomed guests. She is survived by her four children, Gig Foster, Lianne Fauber, Lance Foster, and Janne Charland. Her legacy lives on through the beautiful artwork that has been shared across the country, and now hangs in the hallways of TLNA.

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