Renewable, Sustainable Energy

Leading the Way

Our Commitment to Green Energy

NLCS reaffirms its commitment to clean energy by partnering with Distributed Solar Development (DSD) to build a solar field on acreage owned by The Village at Orchard Ridge thus reducing CO2 emission by 1,864 tons annually. 

This project is expected to generate 2,386,744 kWh of clean renewable energy in the first year of operation equivalent to:  

  • 1,864 tons of CO2 avoided  
  • 364 cars off the street  
  • 2,002 acres of forest preserved  
  • 190,328 gallons of gasoline avoided  
  • 73,215 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfill 

Data calculated from the EPA 


In addition to the solar project, DSD is also installing up to four dual EV Charging Stations in Orchard Ridge parking lot areas.   

NLCS is no stranger to solar energy, since 2021, The Village at Augsburg has been saving 1,391,421.89 kilowatt hours per year that are offset from tapping in to the local BGE solar farm and upgrading to Energy Star appliances.