Renewable, Sustainable Energy

Leading the Way

Our Commitment to Green Energy

On March 28, 2023, National Lutheran Communities & Services (NLCS) and Distributed Solar Development Renewables (DSD) completed the installation of a 1.85 megawatt (MW) ground mount solar array at The Village at Orchard Ridge. The Village at Orchard Ridge’s solar array is a seven-acre installation of precisely aligned photovoltaic panels that collect energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.

This recently completed solar project represents a significant step forward in NLCS’ commitment to environmental sustainability and achieving 100% clean, renewable energy usage across its communities. The installation will meet 90% of The Village at Orchard Ridge’s independent living energy needs by producing an estimated 2,396 MWh of energy per year, the equivalent of powering 330 homes annually. In addition, the project will offset 1,862 tons of carbon dioxide, equating to:

  • Taking 364 cars off the street
  • Avoiding 190,328 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 73,215 trash bags of waste recycled instead of in the landfill
  • 1,878,686 pounds of coal not burned


The Village at Orchard Ridge’s solar project also entails the installation of four EV charging stations on the community’s 132-acre campus.

NLCS is no stranger to solar energy, since 2021, The Village at Augsburg has been saving 1,391,421.89 kilowatt hours per year that are offset from tapping in to the local BGE solar farm and upgrading to Energy Star appliances.